6/21/2012 Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle w/ Bongripper, Winters in Osaka and Akkolyte

6/1/2012 Dayton, OH @ Brickhaus w/ Hate Basement and Inbreeder

5/30/2012 Boston, MA @ The Star Lab w/ Hate Basement, The Vomit Arsonist, Bombings and Permanent Waves

5/29/2012 Far Rockaway, NY @ Red Light District w/ Hate Basement, Locutions and Dual Action

5/28/2012 Buffalo, NY @ The Funerla Home w/ Hate Basement, Bone Vapor and Water Torture

5/27/2012 Cleveland, OH @ Now That's Class w/ Hate Basement, Skin Graft, Dreaded, Nyodene D, Plague Mother and Andrew Kirschner

5/26/2012 Fort Wayne, IN  @ Harrison House w/ Hate Basement, Shit List and Na'kay 

5/5/2012 @ Treasure Town w/ Panicsville, Shattered Hymen, Custodian, Hate Basement, CHRISTMASWOODS=ILLTONGUE, Fantasy Island and Sharp Tooth

4/27/2012 Chicago, IL @ Situations w/ Oozing Wound, In Heat and Ono

3/03/2012 Milwaukee, WI @ The Borg Ward w/Deign, Machismo, Custodian, Blessed Sacrifist, Phoned Nil Trio and Citizen 2-13

1/14/2012 Chicago, IL @ Treasure Town w/Shattered Hymen, Plastic Boner Band, PTM, Hate Basement, Toilet Mint and Citizen 213

12/18/2011 Chicago, IL @ Treasure Town w/ Plague Mother, Heavy Breathing, Deterge and Hate Basement

12/16/2011 Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle w/ Bongripper, Lovely Little Girls and Spanyurd

12/2/2011 Chicago, IL @ Ranchos Huevos w/ Sea of Shit, Sick/Tired, Mellow Harsher and Worn Out

11/11/2011 Chicago, IL @ Treasure Town w/ Urine Cop, Crown of Cerberus, Jason Soliday, Magia Nuda and Battleship

11/5/2011 Madison, WI @ Club Wisco w/ Scaphe, Festerfuck and Mellow Harsher

10/15/2011 Chicago, IL @ Ball Hall w/ Dead Peasant Insurance, Murderous Vision, Naked Island, Shattered Hymen and Lil Tits

10/6/2011 Chicago, IL @ Treasure Town w/ Water Torture, Dirt Eyes and Dental Plan

9/23/2011 Chicago, IL @ Treasure Town w/ Skin Graft, Paranoid Time, Dog Lady, Jason Soliday and KBD

6/6/2011 Chicago, IL @ Treasure Town w/ Black Leather Jesus, Skonhet, Ascites, Slaughter Fetus and Crown of Cerberus

5/27/2011 Chicago, IL @ Enemy w/ Custodian, PTM, Insurgent and Plastic Boner Band

7/14/2012 Chicago, IL "Bitchpork Festival" TBA

7/18/2012 Chicago, IL @ Treasure Town w/ Gnawed, Blessed Sacrifist, Magia Nuda, Shattered Hymen and Deterge

7/19/2012 Cleveland, OH @ The Tower w/ Shattered Hymen, Strangled Cop, Skin Graft and Northern Aggression

7/20/2012 Buffalo, NY "Summer Scum-Buffalo Noise Fest" @ The Vault w/ Paranoid Time, Gnawed, xAllxForxThisx, Shattered Hymen, The Vomit Arsonist, Isa Christ, Being, Developer, Lucky Bone, Friends With Corpses, Diaphragmatic, Plague Mother, Violent Flame, Breached Hull, River of Ichthyosis and Compromised Position

7/23/2012 Cincinnati, OH @ The Brain House w/ Shattered Hymen, Reverse Baptism, Plague Mother,  Pusdrainer+Developer and Inbreeder

7/24/2012 Nashville, TBA w/ Shattered Hymen and Reverse Baptism

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